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Artist Friendly (Century Media 2008)

   For the beers, old classic vinyl to stinky pizza and couple of Hardcore injections off Poison Idea or Black Flag renewing the side-project for systematic death fusion just like the story begins for Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth meets Shane Embury of Napalm Death whose later joining in by Danny Herrera and Buzz Osborne with Danny Lilker completing the infamous sickening-formations to Johnny “Cheeseburger” Cooke and acquainted the total fast, killer and mosh-pit bone breaking riffs displays within the harsh vocals, damned drumming to awesome rhythmic lines forcing the audience to head-banger harder as the second efforts examples to you fucking listeners may gruesomely, sees the mutilated pin rabbits walking towards their final death as Venomous Concept brought their Hardcore-Punk/Death Metal phase mixed with anime dark humorous for Poisoned Apple generally, fixing the Grindcore mixtures music like you just don’t fucking care and plays honest as A Case of The Mondays, Worker’s Unite, Every’s Mother Son, Water Cooler, Toxic Kiss, Check Out to White Devil, Hero and Screwball deserving metallic fucking horn rising and head-bang defying onto this project-side status surpassing their previous bands crafted something hilariously, motherfuckin’ crazy ! 

Poisoned Apple: