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Around 03:51 (Landfall 2017)

   Supporting the online game of psy-based and iconic golden age of internet favorite battle for kids is this Stick Fight’s interactive levels and combat system weapons in animation simple within the soundtrack for stumble listeners and public services recording artists from Sweden – Karl Flodin works within Stick Fight: The Game (Original Soundtrack) taking us to the explaining realm of thus skinny tiny stick-men figures on such a nice flash naughtiness animations and great New Wave Electronic video game Elevator Music in instrumentals Ambient tunes. 

   Comparing the beat and the blurry lines between reality and imagination keeps on you addicted to play as the music on the stereo for Sticky Situation, Stuck in The Middle, Pumpkenstein – Fight, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Stick Intro onto Stickula – Fight as well as Spooky Disco Pumpkin – Intro felt too tight not to buy be downloaded along with the game itself. 

Early game-fights or too late information doesn’t matter as long you play them for fun invading your private room’s action casual ! 

Stick Fight The Game Original Soundtrack: