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Aphid Reign (Twentieth Century Fox Film 2008)

   Based on the classical-modern background global issues and problems on the destruction of natural environments by mankind as well as the public contemporary relieved after the cold war’s nuclear warfare but the damage of the planet is done as opening with a mountaineer encounters to a mysterious glowing sphere then go unconscious only to find himself had scars of a DNA sample tissue taken by something highly intelligent continues to the present days panic information confirmed about rapid moving object from the Jupiter orbit closing by forecast to impacting Manhattan about thirty-thousands kilometers per second and might destroying earth’s life as the US government assembles scientists group like Dr. Helen Benson and Dr. Michael Granier for making survival plan possible and perhaps, stopping that thing from hitting our home planet. The Day The Earth Stood Still may reasoning us to prepare as well re-thinking on stop messing around but advancing our knowledge avoiding the misunderstanding like how the object slower down as a large sphere spaceship landed gently on Central Park as heavily armed military choose to shoot the alien that appears from inside it before Dr. Helen greetings him and a giant robot comes out as the power force to disable everything in vicinity turns out to be a defensive acts on helping the alien master whom commands the robot to response the shut down following “klaatu barada nikto”. 
   Keanu Reeves starring as the alien pilot wearing his exterior bioengineered space suit composing placenta-like materials being quickly aged Klaatu representing himself as a representative from a civilization group sent by the leader to talk about saving the planet called Earth as secretary of defense wants him to be interrogated but Klaatu escapes reconnected to Helen and her stepson Jacob and telling them about finishing the mission to save earth no matter what it costs. 
More panic for the bigger sphere and the smaller one as military cannot maintaining attack on those things because of the giant robot but later the drone mission successfully enclosing the robot of Genetically Organized Robotic Technology took it in a transport journey to Virginia underground facility. 
From another alien that lived longer on the planet Klaatu found out all about hostile mankind which experiences the stubborn and unwilling of change leave nothing but orders to the small sphere collecting animal species to be preserved on reintroducing of the new earth after humanity destroyed but Klaatu proves that he’s kind for reviving a dead police being wounded bad by him in custody. 
   Discussions with nobel prize winner Professor Barnhardt gave a slight results about giving mankind a second chance just like the alien race historic evolution after their demise planet but on the same time GORT robot that being examined underground by military sudden turning onto nano-machine replicate that consuming every man-made object in path as soon devours the entire facility and emerging out on feeding the world. 
Tyler Bates composing the mega-thrilling situation soundtrack scores within the instrumental orchestra music colliding with Stars, National Security, Mountain Climber, Do You Feel That?, A Friend to The Earth, You Should Let Me Go or Containing G.O.R.T and much more actions to see before the total annihilation. 
Jacob’s feelings and arranges meeting with Helen on his father’s grave really caught and change klaatu as convincing him to stop the swarm. 

The warning about a price to humanity way of life to pay would be a guaranteed for the future as the sphere leaves the planet.