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Andy’s Revenge For (Not On Label 2010)

   Didn’t in fact related to Frank Zappa’s son band forming but eventually, the sound this group creates there should remembered about the tiny similarity towards the kinds of experimental moves to frontal cooking thus Stoner Rock and Heavy Progressive Metal onto their own type basic sounds as The Dweezils took us to their private entrance gate in Welcome To Dweezland with the Thunder Bay, Ontario’s local rockers Doggett on guitars, Hippy Baker on drums and Bento on bass putting more ensemble on their formatted Jazz-Funk metallic power trio Punkish-instrumentals and Heavy Rock fusion just like Primus did but softer as well weirder to hear. 

   As the creepy shining sun smiles and weed smoking isn’t prohibited, more trees of green and psychedelic substance under the clouds reveals the gate of nine tracks such as Jointventure, A-Side/B-Side to Unreleased Demo, Thisnextsongisaboutweed or The End is Coming…Maybe must be your picking facility to blast the strangest things out of the television to real world.

Welcome To Dweezland: