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And The Orpheus (Kalpamantra 2018)

   Haunting dark desolation of landscapes of the urban horror dreams evoking thus Dark Ambient Electronic and experimental Goth-dark soundtrack in Neo-Classical that one can achieved towards Silent Hill or thrills of Akira Yamaoka-based imaginable animates roaming the streets of quiet, eerie and hellish at night as bodies dragged or shudder daring behind your fear add more often as tunes begun to composed and re-arranged in performance from mystetious Mexico City’s project named Poetry of Thorns as Eyes to breath painting the picturing misty mountains with thus mutated deer horns under the one eyed moon gloomy shone for Foundations that blows in nine minutes; thirty seconds or Drifting that ends after seven minutes and three seconds as well as the written by Z.H Syle and Saeve Louise’s Breakdown closing your times as pulse gone weaker and your visions almost close to the everlasting remains rest in sickness bed wounding statements as catharsis darkness.

Eyes To Breath: