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Alturism Great Western (Pluto Records 2007)

   The Orangeburg Massacre (taken from the historic bloodbath shooting protesters by South Carolina highway patrol) casts the stoning times by formation of guitarists hector Arce and Alex Lim, bass player Danny Camarena, vocalist Brandon Barron and drummer Matt Jones for the record deals in served of this blending for Metalcore/Southern Hardcore/Punk chaotic sentiments gave the Decible magazine telling its readers about how indefinable energies blown out and explosive by amount over the band’s Moorea recording.
   Hardest, fast, quickly stabbing and pumps out the fact that sending the messages lyrics quite straight to the bone and soul in breaks of Old-School meets New School styles combine as deliverance for suffocation and bagged torture tension recaptures here on their violent tracks such as Serenity Far Far Later, Mortal Yes Human No, Science Fiction Fear all the way through Bryan V Darrow or Archipelago crashing your stereo system in half right away as the attacking tunes provides the deal on possible destruction themed shares.

One shall not regret to pick this stuff against the commercial lame rocks which telling lies about pity self living in the modern world of catastrophic amalgam symbols. Need to persuades those reality check quick as the days count to zero …