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Allies (24 Hour Service Station Distribution 2013)

   Not get enough memory moments over these ten recording tracks into some kind of independence format liquidation towards the seminal glamorous and underground album title off Heart Attack: A Tribute to Heart really means nothing but one to try listening on the entire tracks performing by some names of the bands selected themselves and not yet becoming as big as the Wilson Sisters from Seattle, Washington Hard Rock troops whom writing much greatest songs in their entire musicals expanding career treating there with good play even not that too commercial at all but – still some highlighted performers signed for the project alike Daylight Disc playing Magic Man, I Digress doing the hit-track Alone as well as other gender tolerance romantic sounds and kept being awesome to have through These Dreams (Joy Focus), Crazy On You (Wednesday’s Child) or Even It Up from Wicked Peach really can caught your deep attention besides waiting on surprises more within Will You Be There (In The Morning), If Looks Could Kill and Straight On but do misses some of legendary band’s songs to be added for more excitement !