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Adieu Eux Un (Osmose Productions 1998)

   Do you think for darker daily humor, destruction, history and war and humane-society themed being well-build written as hatred lyrics and confusion onto Thrash Metal unit – called Imperial brutally hailed themselves from Istres/Martigues Provence-Alpes (Cote D’Azur) releasing their content of satanic rites based and pagan ancient path story off the entitled album - Aux Crepuscules as the duet of insanity metal-heads Qojau (guitars, music) and Skrow (vocals, drums, bass, programming, lyrics) trying to re-visioning hellish looks of path-finder living reigns of the barbarian king and his throne as the two sides of recording extremist blasts via Side A’s Montre ton Regard, Orage Final or La Narcissique or La Lune Rouge, Thrasheurs 13 and Les Cavaliers de L’oubli smoking the mouth of the lame-ass person dare to listen to Thrash Metal aux Marseille, France.

Biggest axe on one hand holds and long dark hair smokes epic powers there is stays ...

Aux Crepuscules: