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Act V: Starlight (Cadiz Music/Charlemagne Productions 2010)

   For those whom about to be fanatic fans digging history and characters on the middle earth dark side, Saruman figure, Lords of The Ring version on Led Zeppelin and old Queen in majestic opera-themed tuning of instrumental Heavy Metal music displays might get to have chance on picking for the various appearance off prolific British actor, singer and musician voice acts in opera-tinged notable nobility in excellent knighthood and commands writing records by Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee who was born in Belgravia, London and services for his entire lives serving for England interests and filming industry as well this Neo-Classical Symphonic Rock stage and screen parts of spoken words, parts historic and parts fantasy combines there as Charlemagne: By The Sword and The Cross filling one’s interests for tales of epic battles and warrior king characters like this man standing to face the hordes of enemies and sitting on the throne protecting it closely, tells the audience about track-listed formatting begins with Overture, Act I: King of The Franks boasting the beginning of the several territorial conquests and recapturing areas around the gaul’s world before the mighty long journey to freeing the holy city even pops out the imaginary of men in the air.

Act III: The Bloody Verdict of Verden, Act II: The Iron Crown of Lombardy as well as bonus tracks like Iberia and instrumentals after Finale did showing us as listeners the great compositions written had been made by Christopher Lee for this solo purposed album. 

   Low baritone voice and helping addition vocals performance from Christina Lee, Mauro Conti, Vincent Ricciardi and Lydia Salnikova did it a preserving of European traditional Christian/pagan rites in musical personal objections – tells back to the recent main framed ideas and myths on our history lessons and thanking Sir Lee for keep being the best metallic-head orchestral maker artists well like he always becomes.