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7 Min Money Convo (Slaughter Gang 2017)

   Small cross tattooed on his forehead and you knew him from the groups called Outta Pocket Boyz but never met him in the flesh until your radio playing the Hip-Hop tunes and semi-Gangsta Rap themed lyrics for the holiday bored days as the television showing the bank robbery outside the remote place in Atlanta, Georgia but the mixtapes-master local like Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph really means what he meant to write down on the piece of sheet and it won’t sounded like shit as he still did it as an American rapper surrounded by fame and game with no time to wait for that particular lucky bullet to taken his life or stop the world from believing in the name of 21 Savage raising the tide like the morning sunrise to the unnamed beach for you, me, those bitches and even man-whore. Resulting that life goes on and on and thing comes and go in Rap-Music business; try to listening your choice over Issa Album from this rapper feeling relaxing good and not really about asses or shoot-out like dumb-ass dumb to the record deals world. 

From Famous, Close My Eyes, Baby Girl, Thug Life, Facetime, Nothin New, Dead People and Whole Lot – seemed to giving us a slack for re-thinking about our plans and dreams which blocked by either some stupid-ass rules/views or off ourselves slacks needing to get the energizing cure from Special money making tricks ideas by Mr. Savage’s Bank Account. 

Issa Album: