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’55 Chevy Ghost (CBS 1991)


   Once again Stephen King short story shall put you onto a deep freezing thrill moments within this one – Sometimes They Come Back telling about Jim Norman the history teacher moved back to his hometown accepting job apply several years since the terrible things happened to him involving his big brother’s death in the hand of the local greaser gang as the rest of them hit by a train inside the tunnel after stabbing Wayne and died in a car explosion which left Jim having nightmare for the rest of his personal life.
Settled down with a wife and son happily turns terrifying as some of those gang members shortly showed up as a new student on his class with several mysterious suicidal or terrible death around his closed students one by one and as Vinnie and friends scary laughing shows up around Jim’s lives again; Kate, Billy and Chip found dead after trying tell something wrongly might occurs to them. 
   Tim Matheson plays the role of Jim with the greaser gang and their scary big antique black car haunts and planning to kill him as an unfinished business by taken also his lovely wife and son and the left gang member now growing older and full of regrets – Carl Mueller to the same old tunnel. As Jim visiting the graveyard where those gang been buried as well as his brother too; Wayne ghost shows up and signing to help him when the time is right. 
Sometimes They Come Back must be one of everyone’s favorite short story from horror genre that won’t lasted for decade to watch as the filming by producer Dino De Laurentiis will captures your mind about non-mild terror from the past haunting your present days with scary and mysterious composing music themes from Terry Plumeri forcing Jim to end the game for good facing thus greasers and saving his family with the helpful spirit of Wayne fighting them and letting the hell train comes to taking the evil gang back to where they’re belong. 

Should that be a finale finishing ? Try not to answer that quickly …