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1986 Brother (Self-Released 2015)

   Enjoying since little for the likes of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple to DJ Premier and Sun Ra giving the entire variety for Vicenza, Italy artists Morpheground a delicate system method on making different types of blending music for himself to bend onto records. Sheltering thus background off his American soulful singer mom and Italian guitarist dad baptizing the talent arrangements to Fiery Skies.Still Waters dedication in life made changes grinding grooves and half stepping for the G’s exclusively, contacts in tidal smooth Hip-Hop experimental Rap/Soul Electronic to listen. 

The audience can see and hear Pavarotti to Dr. Dre to the mafia action matters within Villains, Spirals, No Self, Sacrifice, Revolutions and Color of My Skin means like Sleep Paralysis (OBE) goods. 

Feel the vibes flows as lyrics reacts and timing caught for the firing atmosphere affecting the modern life shelter’s visions for the masses.

Fiery Skies.Still Waters: