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Alturism Great Western (Pluto Records 2007)

   The Orangeburg Massacre (taken from the historic bloodbath shooting protesters by South Carolina highway patrol) casts the stoning times by formation of guitarists hector Arce and Alex Lim, bass player Danny Camarena, vocalist Brandon Barron and drummer Matt Jones for the record deals in served of this blending for Metalcore/Southern Hardcore/Punk chaotic sentiments gave the Decible magazine telling its readers about how indefinable energies blown out and explosive by amount over the band’s Moorea recording.
   Hardest, fast, quickly stabbing and pumps out the fact that sending the messages lyrics quite straight to the bone and soul in breaks of Old-School meets New School styles combine as deliverance for suffocation and bagged torture tension recaptures here on their violent tracks such as Serenity Far Far Later, Mortal Yes Human No, Science Fiction Fear all the way through Bryan V Darrow or Archipelago crashing your stereo system in half right away as the attacking tunes provides the deal on possible destruction themed shares.

One shall not regret to pick this stuff against the commercial lame rocks which telling lies about pity self living in the modern world of catastrophic amalgam symbols. Need to persuades those reality check quick as the days count to zero …


Cycles Are Vicious (Self-Released 2012)

   Improvising the Folk-Jazz music as Rock N’ Roll experimental instrumentals by the formation talents of Meredith Bates (violin), Cat Toren (piano), Cole Schmidt (guitars), Russell Sholberg (bass) and Ben Brown (drums) with the producer Chris Gestrin mixeing and mastering the record off this Juno award winner group Pugs and Crows ensemble from Vancouver, British Columbia telling their non-vocals semaphore musical products on Fantastic Pictures in seems like told the stories of old filming and natural surroundings through the eclectic figures of tunes among Hibernation, We Must Befriend The Ice Queen, Sam and Sara, Talkin’ Fish Instead, Rats That Now Star and more to be introduced via Bitter Cup and Like The Clouds within thus variety of four minutes tops to six minutes more welcome and overcome the fear to finding peaceful not regrets for the assembly live music instruments played by the group of musicians like them. 

Trees and silent would holds the grudge for better or worst or even bench sitting loyalty towards quirky layers of hybrid Classical Canadian style lesser popularity but gaining the will of proving themselves on making tiniest slow tunes of melodies attract the audience by the count of three. Lovely album for Jazz lovers universal. 

Fantastic Pictures:

One Mean Grinch (Self-Released 2014)

   Executive producing team of Tod Elmore and Hubbub! Music alleged to the supporting helps for holiday celebration of sharing happiness to those pediatric cancer research and treatment as benefit sunshine handy comes in form of original songs exclusive record on this - Various Artists A Rock By The Sea Christmas :: Volume Five to proceeding the good cute art direction and several out of fourteen tracks that people could relates on their own Pop-Folk and Country tune of selected snowy and warmth roasted open firing Christmas goodness and kind gently acts in harmonies mellow melody while warmly listening to these Eliot Bronson for Christmas Song, Griffin House performance of O Holy Night, JD Eicher & The Goodnights having Jingle Bell Mash as well as Joe Stevenson, Jordan Grassi or Tony Lucca and Red Wanting Blue giving us their softener tracks and nice shows on tunes among others.

May your day been marry and fine and may all your Christmas be wise …


Status Update (Self-Released 2015)


   Is this should be called a parody of Death Metal or Math-Core or even Grindcore or is it real ? But it is. Serving raw and simply extreme to bash some asshole head right in forehead means exploding like dynamites fused on your bathroom exactly like it is.

   The duet of Miles (throat, synths) and Guy (guitars, throat) leaning Interface a great personality record themes within When Genocide is Permissible in such a bloody mess picture like the front cover did. Belfast, UK rebels underground seems to be reliable to touch your inner beast with this album shortly but fucking dangerous and piss-off tunes attacks the stereo for Mezzanine Couch, Hopes, Cattle Culture, Tremors, Derailed, Easy Target to Paymaster and Useless idiot as well as Twirl and All Gold Everything (Trinidad James) coming towards the in between fast, slaying and destructive tempos not over the limit of three minutes. Disjoint or being destroyed or fight back and smash some fucking faces for this antagonist cracks ! 

When Genocide is Permissible:

Uppsnack Julpotpurri (Spinnup 2016)

   Calling them one by one as Elvis Koskinen, Jan Francisco or Martin Bianco or anything else glamour and sparkles like the city of Las Vegas and yes, Lars Vegas Trio is your choice for celebrating Christmas in more cheerful way while gambling. Erik Koskinen, Lars Gustafsson and Lars Vegas are one within Lars Vegas Trio catchy name, during their gigs and over five hundred shows by reputation begins the entire career of them as Femte Advent won’t really be thus timing to wait in silent vain but joyous acts in street cabaret/Ska Pop and stage music to spend time with hearing as period of tunes gives you good vibes to dance or humming while cooking for Christmas dinner and hang-out to drunk a lot. 

   Salsakurs Tll Jul doesn’t have to wait for the next july or Kalle Och Hans Vanner is a live recording for the audience as well as story-telling Arets Julklapp presenting the views to the snowy lapp land on the north but as sunny hot as vegas lights it will be. Gloggrecept to Bjallerklang – Live in shorter duration won’t spoiling your course language to interprets or translate those Swedish lyrics while hopping and dance crazy; hang all thus red socks and little santa dolls before midnight ! 

Femte Advent:

Mason Jar (RCA Records 2015)

   Pleased to meet the celebration meeting between Mike Kamerman of New Jersey and Sean Scanlon of New York whose collectively, relocating themselves to Los Angeles and with Beau Kunther or Joe Intile from Oregon the quartet decided to creates  Indie-Pop US based named Smallpools as the results and begin to writing materials of themselves a brand new. 

   The debut album Lovetap! Really sounded good to hear as your catchy tunes to mid-tempo cool choruses may forcing people to sing along too like them; showing how naughty years of childhood may appears in everyone just like a nasty ball punch of a bigger brother to his little younger one while mommy and daddy not looking. Most of the themes lyrics telling us about several subjects to objects in such a romance behavior as Karaoke, Dreaming, Killer Whales and American Love becomes greater than Street Fight or What’s That a Picture of ? questioning the irrelevant feelings caught the teenagers whose having either broken-heart or happy thoughts to listening this. 


Andy’s Revenge For (Not On Label 2010)

   Didn’t in fact related to Frank Zappa’s son band forming but eventually, the sound this group creates there should remembered about the tiny similarity towards the kinds of experimental moves to frontal cooking thus Stoner Rock and Heavy Progressive Metal onto their own type basic sounds as The Dweezils took us to their private entrance gate in Welcome To Dweezland with the Thunder Bay, Ontario’s local rockers Doggett on guitars, Hippy Baker on drums and Bento on bass putting more ensemble on their formatted Jazz-Funk metallic power trio Punkish-instrumentals and Heavy Rock fusion just like Primus did but softer as well weirder to hear. 

   As the creepy shining sun smiles and weed smoking isn’t prohibited, more trees of green and psychedelic substance under the clouds reveals the gate of nine tracks such as Jointventure, A-Side/B-Side to Unreleased Demo, Thisnextsongisaboutweed or The End is Coming…Maybe must be your picking facility to blast the strangest things out of the television to real world.

Welcome To Dweezland:

Living Underwater (Not On Label 2018)

   Featuring special guests like Anthony Fossaluzza on organ/piano/upright bass, Anna Krippenstapel and Joe Manning for vocals as the group members of Elk Hound playing and sang their own written works songs for Andrew Iafrate (guitars, vocals), Chad Acton (guitar), Sean Johnson (drums) and John Pedigo (bass, vocals) crediting this Alternative Folk Rock and Indie Psych-Country right to its track. 

   Harmony choirs and vocals followed the tunes which carried out the tales of the Midwest atmosphere goes on to your head by ears listening perhaps, as good as the timing choice of having this record play to your stereo system while everything calmer and peaceful as The Static And Hum giving choices for wood burning flames to warm up your cold lonely night in the cabin by the old river and guitar-tunes and lyrics sheets already being served as recording Bitter Crimson, Night Beast, Coal Black Dog, The Dance Slow Waltz and Open Book Blues to Seam To Center proof that the Louisville, Kentucky crew went popular to themselves along with this one.

The Static and Hum:

Around 03:51 (Landfall 2017)

   Supporting the online game of psy-based and iconic golden age of internet favorite battle for kids is this Stick Fight’s interactive levels and combat system weapons in animation simple within the soundtrack for stumble listeners and public services recording artists from Sweden – Karl Flodin works within Stick Fight: The Game (Original Soundtrack) taking us to the explaining realm of thus skinny tiny stick-men figures on such a nice flash naughtiness animations and great New Wave Electronic video game Elevator Music in instrumentals Ambient tunes. 

   Comparing the beat and the blurry lines between reality and imagination keeps on you addicted to play as the music on the stereo for Sticky Situation, Stuck in The Middle, Pumpkenstein – Fight, Dr. Jekyll and Mr Stick Intro onto Stickula – Fight as well as Spooky Disco Pumpkin – Intro felt too tight not to buy be downloaded along with the game itself. 

Early game-fights or too late information doesn’t matter as long you play them for fun invading your private room’s action casual ! 

Stick Fight The Game Original Soundtrack:

On The Run (Bandcamp 2017)

   Psych-Heavy rockers in Acid Hard Rock combinations may surfacing as The Likes of You, Scarlet Night and Moon bursts out the reference of Heavy Chills mysterious self-titled like the visible hands of evil hypnotizing the rock-head floating into thin air possessed back in real vibes good guitar sounds and melodic solos by this total package. The Devil’s Answer and Lay It Down also could catching your attention served well there from Austin, Texas rocking heavily in bluesy harmonic expectation dudes. 

PS. This is a very good example of how developing of US rock scene keeps growing for possibilities owns the world for its grip since ...

Heavy Chills:

Terrible IDWT (Effess 2017)

   Pop trio made in America mainstream and independent should do good feelings to tell you what to listen these days and for that reason – David Singer_Vine, Lisa Vitale and William Van Der Heyden comes again to releasing their third popular tunes in Synth-Pop Dance Electronic as Terror Jr just like how your slut model of the future - kendall jenner loves them singing on her stereo collections for Death Wish. 

   Catchy music in Bop City 2: TerrorRising might sounded a little bit gaming driven but as you would think for the elements left behind by the lost stories page off Resident Evil/Silent Hill things contributes to the songs listed here on Pop announcement to hear in public such as Talking To Myself, Dead Girl Walking, Appreciation, Death Wish, Smoke, Personal and Heartbreaks lean on thus burning sign of the residence complex to be muted off limit for any visitors ? 

Bop City 2 TerrorRising:

Fred Savage (Learning Curve Records 2018)

Bumpy bashing riffs and screaming vocals leading the entire roles off this trio of Noise Rock meets Sludge Neanderthal Punk from Olathe/Kansas City members band: Matt Perrin (guitars/vocals), Mike Gustafson (bass) and Sam Hutchinson (drums) reliable for the Holy Terror record looks like the classic MC5 album but sounding further even scarier and dangerous than that.

Ten tracks and black and white photograph of the live band equipments stays to worship Dimebag Darrell and Pantera with Dimebagged, Astro Bastard spacing views of the atmosphere limits and King Shit or Total Recall to Reefer Sadness and Pledge Week may quickly, tells everyone to bow down for these redneck troops Missouri recording shall blast you off the roof through this Bummer and Justin Mantooth production grungy Southern Stoner slams ! 

Holy Terror:

Hamburger Woman (Downfall Records 2000)

   Jan Ivan, Stefan Charappa, Kostica to Basia Bulat the female shedder are your perfect underground Grindcore crust group whose going to ruin your stereo system as Cad or C.A.D as you might fucking prefer to call them perhaps, did brutal delivers in condemnation about all un-satisfaction crossing their lives where Svaty Jur or entire Slovakia would feel towards the destruction formed because of the short anarchy and economy collapses causing by the end of cold war prejudice and the rest of fallen of eastern Europe into poor countries mostly. 
   You can hear clearly, aloud and extreme to several protesting lyrics and themes targeting the western world as Punk As Piss, Destroy NATO Bastards, On Your Heads and even The Beginning of The End, Just Let Me Rot, Solitude and Greeting From Hiroshima to McAmerican Shit Dream forfeit all the belongings dying breed and the next espionage wars coming to the region as how further will Grindcore did proper treatments to blast your ignorant and fucking corporate capitalistic minds away to thin air for good means that mainstream should always be poisoning by thus Extreme Grind Metal attacks more than Requiem For Tarkan to March of Machines makes the listeners feeling uncomfortable – listening for these twenty-three Deadnation recording tracks as fuck as total pissing Slovakian meant them on fucking payback destroying your social establishment modern life after theirs. 


Perfect Mother (Epic 1994)

   Barbara Trzetrzelewska goes soloist after several times spending with Matt Bianco means the offshoot figure of this local Polish woman wanted to expressing herself within her own lyrics and musical project for you and those whom liking the way she embarks as Basia telling the world of Pop all about themes to listening for relaxation time or hang-out to the early nineties era kinds of sounds over downtempo Smooth Jazz and Synth-Pop dance tunes being arranged with Danny White through this third recording music package in dreamy type of painting art-cover ala Eastern Europe bohemian-scape and drowning deep onto thus lovely beats and sophomore modern character musical within this album – The Sweetest Illusion. 

   From the progress format and popular tunes to the Classic ones grown within the record would have you liking some of the tracks like She Deserves It/Rachel’s Wedding that taste pleasantly smooth as satin or Drunk On Love or Third Time Lucky that counts for her appearance to entertain your local club in jazzy kinds of way. 

Collecting Basia’s music would be a good way for you to adding collection tunes that reminds us about the beloved nineties era fells alright. 

The Sweetest Illusion:

Wonderland/Heaven (Liberator Music/Goodbye 2018)

   Going to churches doesn’t always mean you going to feel kinda boring because once you try-out the new type of music in pronounce of Chvrches in stylized typo-thing as the Pop-Indie group off Scottish’s Glasgow area touching your inner-self within their good catchy Pop-Dance songs – one should love to proclaimed themselves as a new fan for new generation of this new millennium musical purposes – seeing brighter side of travelling the world globally and spreading more lyrical of romance to daily ideas to reality as introduced here from the band’s third record calls Love Is Dead but actually, survive and resurrects back in soft bounce to the public in sparkle lights. 

Not being possessive or depressive like the early New Order stuff; Chvurches meant real touching to their formats on entertaining the listeners or audience in such a better way possible through the written music or lyrics arrangements via the trio names: Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry and Martin Doherty into smooth female catchy voice and great beats mixture based on Electronic Synth-Pop and indie sounds. 

   Go ahead catching Graffiti, Get Out, Deliverance, My Enemy, Forever, Never Say Die as well as Really Gone and Graves for Miracle to finding the God’s Plan works on your daily life by listening them on your stereo. 

Love Is Dead: