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Zenomania (Insonitus Records 2015)

Anti-Logic mastering the recorded extended play roles for the darkened Dancefloor navigates circumstance as crunchy as exposing the depth within thus underground blistering stream-streaks onto layers of striving deep in-between moods to atmospheric misty capsule or pathway or leading wider Funk beasty of solid basslines and nightlife percussion pulse spirits inside the colors and the sensuality and thus drawing of a survivor using his gas masked turning from the victim onto a predator wandering the forest as Myrtox over The Void.

Progressive Trance to Rave mid-tempo and three songs arranging there bugging the communication towers from man group to another interruptions the interest to seeing either the six-minutes and twenty-three seconds or High Detector in six minutes and twenty-one seconds should be enough to bring more strange effects to the audience of listeners as fruits shall ripped and blossoms of flowers would burnt dry.

The Void: