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Yuzoraharate Ginshu (Bandcamp 2017)

Occasional shows or the other stories closing in to thus relations over on how Japanese people tired theirs not to be ridiculed by stressed out within the favorable time-spending on doing the flower arrangement arts of traditional named Ikebana or learning back about this one hundred Kinse Inn matched the concert onto bars, cafĂ©, guest rooms and teaching us on respecting the heritage used of ability by the performers completing the record with Ryota Nozaki (piano, keyboards), Toru Nishijima on bass, Asuka (koto), Shakunachi by Shiori Tanabe and e.guitar from Arata Inoue comparing their ensemble on this Jazz-tronic to Spiritual traditional New Jazz mixes and flute performance on bringing back memories for everyone – even only for five minutes. 

Teacher gives hi s knowledge by the concerts reacts to judgment off the masses but stop right there. Utsusemi, Oiran, Ukihana as well as Misty Forest or you can read them all in Japanese did not approve that Japanese cannot or hates to speak English but like this self-titled album from Hizuru; means releasing the souls entrapment inside the wretched earth not forever but setting to drove people mad. 

Releasing once again the crane for catching its last fishes.