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You Came For Me (Decca Label Group 2008)

   Epic adventure of the Yagahl tribe whose known for their ability on hunting wolly mammoth on the high mountains in a remote colder area as bravery and rituals by dingle-handed kills awarded the most incredible one to be holding their achievement of the white spear as well the venerates from elderly woman shamanic of Neanderthal named Old Mother seeing powers to casts the visionary everytime the tribe needs their seasonal supply and way of living but as the chief found a strange blue-eyed girl – Evolet from the massacre of her village dwindle starts to fear the four-legged demons after the yagahl last hunt as perpetrated from their shaman woman that will come a day where the prophecy struck down them very quickly. Tic’Tic and D’Leh rivalry twisted between the tribal leader with white spear and Evolet as well as Ka’Ren misleading the chief and the cowardice fled by D’Leh father as the love blossoms between Evolet and D’Leh. Tic’Tic leadership and D’Leh approved on killing one giant mammoth single handed finishing the last hunt for the yagahl as white spear fairly given back and the forfeit marriage with Evolet tells how honest D’Leh loyalty to his tribe but horse-raiders attacking their camp capturing more people while killing the rest leaving Evolet, Ka’Ren, Baku and D’Leh with injured Tic’Tic survives and continuing their journey downhill for saving Evolet and others taken by the savage slavers and terror birds.
   The rescued Smilodon spear-tooth tiger; the Naku tribe prophecy about new leader that will freeing them from the The Almighty civilization enslavement goes gaining D’Leh into coalition with many tribes of the desert and inland forest pursuing the raiders through the endless river as later they’re arrive on ancient Egyptian advance civilization empire with hundreds of warlords and thousands of armies and slaves from everywhere must build their magic temples and gigantic pyramids as being served and worship as god from heaven high by many of its vast population. 10.000 B.C movie might not be completely correct on describing the history mixed with fictional characters or tales but the red line of this film goes open your interest for following the plot to the end and Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander gave their great composition tracks on original motion picture scoring instrumentals through thus ensemble of courage and adventure epical music sounds from Thomas Schobel ‘s Opening or Celebration to Mountain of The Gods, Speech, I Was Not Brave Food, Goodbyes or Sea of Sand as well as Wise Man or Free The Mannaks concludes the rest to join their revolts against the mortal wicked ruler clan of The Almighty and proving that they’re – Not A God after all as many tribes nation fighting back their oppressor and captivator in a huge battle which led by D’Leh in order to save his love Evolet. 

The final destruction of the advance civilization by the primitive ways end an era for farming begins and new life nurtured.