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Yoru Ni Sei Irarenai (Eastworld 1988)

   Can be compared as the female version of another semi-legendary Heavy Metal band from Japan – Loudness; playing the mixed of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and Power Metal with the best techniques that Show-Ya already shown as their brands through the eighties era and the plenty covers of The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Journey to other metal exhibitions in sessions shows and recordings then came the sixth album from Keiko Terada (vocals), Miki Igarashi (guitars), Satomi Senba (bass), Miki Nakamura (keyboards) and Miki Tsunoda (drums) within Glamour as being produced by Andy Johns and reached position sixteen on Japanese Oricon chart as the harder rock music like the blending of Vixen and Deep Purple and Speed Metal band giving us The Wind, I Gotta Love You, Keep Me in Your Heart (written by Tom Kiefer), Rock Train or Kagarinaku Haruka na Jiyuu E (Go Again) fixed our interpretation on J-Rock scene as nothing but a healthy, sexy and one of the best scene for Heavy Metal genre.