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Yellow Silver (Not On Label 2018)

   Dirtiest abstract reality journey for this crunchy, heaviest Post-Soul Jazz or cinematic instrumentals around the displays of turntable and samples in a hard-hitting special sci-fi arts and Dick Dale’s liking enlisted over the other likes on the legendary David Axelrod or Lalo Schifrin contemporary rapport psychic minimalist spooky and elastic slider from The Putbacks cuts and Simon Mavin’s keyboards performance to percussionist JustinMarshall; Mick Meagher on bass, Rory McDougall on drums and Tom Martin’s guitar picks composing as being produced by Paul bender to Bilal helping as the records off RnB/Soul/Funk/Post-Soul Psychedelic over the jumps together of thus weirdy basket team and the self-titled brings back the 60’s and 70’s thoughts about The Meters or MG’s onto one point(less) Heavy Shit, No Man No (with Miguel Atwood-Fergusson), Drones, No bench, BMX or Slowes Slow Dance and Hold On even Oranges. 

Full length releasing rhythms section vibes and grooves cues great housing sensual deprives touch for frigid couple and their naughty neighbors via Emma Donovan leading roles sometimes.

The Putbacks: