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“X” Plan-2 Mixx (Fonomusic/La General 1989)

   Having its membership crew with their weird names as they’re faking it but the music programs are real to listening is on the watch for making performance from Fran Null, Logytself, Manuel A Gonzalez Guarido not as Flash Cero but Flash Zero to be internationally, focusing on the unorthodox Electro-Rock of the past and presents and the future bringing the Spanish-acts as you experiencing their line-up language and tendencies and Techno-Pop explosion from the taken late of 80’s includes these entire original tracks re-pressing carefully by monotonous works from the band.

   Through the six-minutes and forty-nine seconds opener tunes onto Trans-Mission came in second place out-taken for almost five minutes or Shallow Sex to Iconoclastic as well as Central Life and Suggestion or Hex-66 for over five minutes and twenty-one second plus the live in studios tracks bonuses – if you got the remastered album release. Weird themes and especially, the musical beats of your alienated realms out from New Wave meets Kraut-Pop and Goth-Electro proto industry beginners as Conspiracy leads to as many answers and more questions that can giving one headache or blown up brains. 

   Melting EBM tunes with Pop-Electronic generalized the imaginary turning reality to daily issues as people would easily forget about.