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whiteWhale nonSense (Bandcamp 2013)

   Did you ever seeing a shadows playing on the corner of your eyes lately ? tricky doing menace or looking terrifying still as the october brings Halloween and Hip-Hop embracing beats for terrors and horrific moments soundtrack within this overlooked album recording via Portland’s BlackSleep making/releasing. Tales From The CryptoZoo realms may highly dangerous as some myths do coming true as one stepping in the wilderness territory on land, seas and even dream-scapes reminding us for track-listing tunes alike Darkside, FearfulSymmetry, depthPerception ZzzZzz over those lazy eyes to fear as well as SuperVision to AstroCreep and unsolvedHistories; pretty much destroying your seven-eleven finding themes on beats for modern evening hang-out because actually, this characters only fitting the caused over haunting elemental towards dimmed lights alley where ghouls dwells and scary creatures comes out after dark to feeding on human flesh sounding and feels weirdly right to taste by maniacs swimming with deep ocean monster fish. 

Tales From The Cryptozoo: