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Where Have Rex Gone ? (Related Records 2017)

   Ugly jokes about telepathic communications directly sent towards Peter Kulikowski mind from somewhere by the Jesusaurus brotherhood embarking the solar system journey orbits of the siriusaurus’ dino-dog star coming to humanity face of the earth planetary meeting between the new millennium and the near future as rocking on dino lovers conspiracy releasing this Avant-Garde experimental weirdo Folk-Blues and fun illuminates Indie-Pop Punk organ tunes from Dinosaur Love over The Gospel singing hard aloud about their written lyrics that making no-sense but real through the jerky themed WW2 Was Fought with Dinosaurs & Lazer Beams, Meteor Crash, Sink It In The Tar, Secret Agent Dinosaur and Aliens Helped The Dinosaur Build The Pyramids at the course of hoaxing news of youtube turns out to be shocking the entire population when we found out the freaking truth that used to be buried or lost by thanking some names on reveals them immediately within silly Area 51 fucking jokes that wasn't meant to be a sick joke.

The Gospel: