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What U Wanna Do Today ? (Self-Released 2014)

   Is it pom poms music project sampling tunes that you just heard within Let’s Go Outside in a direct downloads being released in thus Drone/Ambient/Electronic Dance of this Maryland’s Sun Over Hill recording compilation project made intrigued from Ricky Eat Acid (whose doesn’t really clearer for the identity about the figure behind the golden mask) but one name surely, pops out as Sam Ray and from many of his aliases project styled experimenting music goes on this one that having Breakbeat/Juke/Ambient to IDM-based exposing via ‘Angels’ or This Goes Out To… that isn’t only caught the feeling about Electro but as well emotional semi-conducted Industrial rock-pop tune as well. You will see the sun goes up again while listening to this humble, simply and complex independent recording. 

Sun Over Hill: