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Welcome Song (Warner Sunset Records 2005)

   Chance to be famous or perhaps, wealthy in life didn’t always coming for several times as for that you would agree onto watching the entire story for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory listed as Danny Elfman co-working with Tim Burton thru this composing the original suite soundtrack of eerie orchestration instrumentals telling us about the first announcement of five lucky winner for the infamous golden ticket to get yourself in visiting the famous chocolate and sweets factory owned by the strange man Willy Wonka having himself a bad childhood history connection with his dentist father and memories of Halloween where later he build his own factory adapted from Roald Dahl book for Wonka Candy Company went skyrocket  in sales fair enough causing by the furor of the gold tickets. 
   The winner kids whose being lucky to have their chance are Augustus Gloop the gluttonous boy, Veruca Salt brings her spoiler girl attitudes, Violet Baumregarde always compete with everyone chewing gums and Mike Teaveen the video-gamer addicts and terrible boy left only one more to be directly, went in to the little poor boy Charlie Bucket’s hand whose living with his small family and grandpa; purchasing the final ticket to go in meet and greeted by Willy Wonka himself to show them all wondering wonders inside his secret factory. 
   Hear them all the tracks like Loompa Land, Wheels In Motion, The Boat Arrives, The Indian Palace, The River Cruise, Chocolate Explorers and Charlie Declines as parts where audience brought to the most hilarious explanation adventurers journey through many rooms and places in the factory deeper emerging the realm world of wacky Mr. Wonka whom also testing most of the kids how to behaves and most of them either fail on the first try or being trap by their own arrogance and bad temper like being sucked up the extraction pipe to getting oversized like giant blueberry, eliminated by squirrels into a garbage tunnel or shrunk in teleporter for mocking the oompa-loompas workers and for only left Charlie wins the place to live and work there by good chance but he refused because he doesn’t want to leave his family behind. 
   Such a great story to watch for our kids to learn more about not being to demanding but try their best to work things out having the same lines like Charlie’s tales here where the depressed Wonka sells poor quality candies before Charlie decided to helping him reconcile with his old father and feeling content aftermath. Charlie’s family finally, all moving onto the factory and Willy Wonka had his new family.