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Watchu Tipsy (RCA 2013)

   Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on This Is The End would accompanying your laugh bursts as watching the silly movie about disaster-horror comedy made by and starring by Seth Rogen bringing his troops of loveable lame-ass famous faces all-stars parade like James Franco, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel to Danny McBride and Craig Robinson as the centered aftermath of a crowded house-party invites Rihanna, Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Mindy Kaling to Micael Cera and Channing Tatum among others when suddenly, the earthquakes and sinkhole creating panic as people being sucked up by the unknown force to the dark skies making the group of remaining survivors supplied themselves inside the shelter wrecked home and the fights erupted for the arguments on what’s really going on outside, whose going to get the additional supplies next doors onto the greedy food and water waster through skepticism and estrangement and harsh language learning that the event might be those predicted apocalypse like the book of revelation said along with the possession body of Jonah by demons smashing his friends and the entire rooms inside or when Emma Watson feared that she’s going to get gang-rape by the group decided to run away with the last water supply left leaving the dummy boys stranded as the house caught by fire too, the only got chance to getting out the way off the script. Strained friendships issues to encounters with unknown beings drove the rest choose to go to Franco’s Malibu house but Craig got killed by the demons goes to heaven straight – showing to them that acts of selfness performance can saving their souls before cannibals group captured them led by Danny devours James. 
   The last survivors Seth and Jay both being attack by giant demonic entity before they’re all dead and goes to heaven for helping each other on the way – reuniting with Craig and other ascending there as desire comes true as promised and many people in colorful and white dresses doing lovely things and peace prevails among loves. 
The performance of thus songs recorded for the soundtrack by various artists like J-Kwon, Funkadelic, KRS-One to Daddy sang performed their tracks: Easy ix by K.Flay, Cypress Hill’s When The S.. Goes Down, A Joyful Process and Whitney Houston hits I Will Always Love You or live performance by The Backstreet Boys in heaven makes everybody dance exaggerating.