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Vulture Priest (Cruz Del Sur Music 2016)

   As frantic as these five piece of Heavy Metal heroes veins directly proving how serious the group playing their Epic Power Metal within the written lyrics theme for war, hell, metal and satan for the Ludwigsburg band – Sacred Steel crew (probably) in their best moment album release in Heavy Metal Sacrifice as consisting on guitarist Jens Sonnenberg, Mathias Straub on drums, Gerrit P. Mutz the lead vocals/lyrics to Jonas Khalil the guitarist and Kai Schindelar the bass player; hold their grip on beheading the enemy-head and offering the present old beliefs winning ritual to the ancient gods as The Sign of The Skull, Children of The Sky, Let There Be Steel, Chaos Unleashed, The Dead Walk The Earth or Iron Donkey releases the most advance extremity in comfort banging heads tempos for those whom believed in Classic Heavy Metal presentation like this group still did remains over their latest album gates opening momentum to the damned Niniveh and Germanic land’s pagan promises. 

Heavy Metal Sacrifice: