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Victory Pyrrhic (Not On Label 2017)

   Four girls conjoining talents and mall-talks before turning to best friends forever whilst the empty slot position for these Los Angeles members: Allegra, Brennan, Maral, Merced and Wynne recruits a boy to completing the denial unit of thus Modern Rock tunes as inspirations taking from too much memes, Vulpeck and diatonic/chromatic harmonies as well as the local music scene general. 
   As the girls are smiling happy for doing the Grunge alternates as Minimall’s simply own recording releasing the entitled album of Huh! Kitsch Pop/Tchotchike Pop or guitar girls sometimes being taken granted as proof to the unbelievers as being produced in their minds as spells to lyrics performed by Ms. Rosenberg / Stratton / Ohan to Males or Doyle did their seminal-acoustic freedom erupts anthems from the lonely cold and dirty streets as being spreading through the non-related soundtrack on My Full Moon, or Drunken Stars which usually carried out within trumpet, piano, percussion and Minimal’s good vibrant sounds lifted the elevator while Don’t Tell Me kept secrets that Bora Kacara and George Adrian engineered the record thru tracks but yes, the catchy music won’t spoiling us the social values caring songs to reaching most of the people whom loved to listening good Pop-Rock product from free spirits of female musician activist communion in Pop-riot-grrls.