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Veins Autumnal Obeisance (No Sanctuary Records 2016)

Newer metallic extremity in Thrash/Black Metal worshiping crew harassing momentum breakers and proud prowler bashing of Canadian Calgary, Alberta’s Crust Thrash Metal – Blackrat is not necessarily, becoming the next Rush. Stu Loughlin (bass, vocals), Russell Shanahan (drums) and Ian Lemke (guitars, vocals)mixing the filthy lyrics and experiences towards the density of horror to sex abusing and alcohol excessive uses over this second full length album Hail To Hades that really giveth their worships through the underworld ruler king of the dead. Just like the seminal faction that brings back the ultimate plays off NWOBHM by Madness Spell, Sepulchral Lust, Progeny of Pan, Hanged (From The Belltower) as well as Transgressor bashing in by howling harsh growls to blistering crust-core drumming means the war within heaven is closer and hell is ready to reclaiming its triumph on this one.

Hail To Hades: