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Turning 20 Something (Bandcamp 2014)

   Supporting the ability on makes the audience jumping nuts following the good punkish explosive rocked out and skating acts of extremity around as friends and fans and contributed bands playing it louder as campaign session from these two man Punk-Rock plus additional musicians for the New Jersey’s Dead Rejects by Ska-Punk to basic Hardcore aggressive to poppy hooks may carried in by them as Shane Sparacello on vocals/guitars, Sdam Cichocki (drums studio), Mike Benus on bass/vocals with Joey Dwyer also playing bass and screaming too hailing from Bayonne/Jersey City to your stereo system shares basically, a displays of plenty skeletons and all hallows eve started for trick or treats times outside as children dressing up in their worst costumes or scarier for your grandma; the skaters also goes out with This Is Killing Me album release and celebrates their night skating under the full moon or better avoiding thus haunted old houses towards the misty road that erupts eeriness … 

PS. Go cranking up these aloud: Chosen Undead, Dying Days, Punk Rock is Stupid, Death Before Decaf and A Perfect Waste of Time all over means either you got candies or you’re being murdered on the corner by mad neighbors.

This Is Killing Me: