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Try Popularise! (Self-Released 2014)

   Rocking screams and grinds like skateboards extreme exercises in the park which abandoned and staging towards the middle of large protesting fights with the police force means as scary and dangerous as listening to Wanted One-Armed Bandits on Evolution? whilst their crossing-over Ska-Core and Punk metallic turning points bursting through the drumming hard as well as Hardcore angst heavier comes out of the colder weather Russia scenery and within the wicked fierce and slashing tunes of metal-based into Hard Rock and popular by nationwide – perhaps, we can keep seeing these bunch of jumping rock-heads singing It’s Your Fault, 7 000 000 000 and counting disasters; (Planet Ocean) on Cyrillic letters and lyrics or (Beacon) feat. Humlow of Pizza Killers and (Final) means like dasvidaniya for real stupidity of humans destroying ourselves by shorter timing durations or so melodically.