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Trip Maybe (Bandcamp 2011)

   When The Rolling Stones goes viral and later on did change their vision of Rock N’ Roll to more Alternative Rock and Grunge tension over the mid-tempo beats like Nu-Metal fixed into blown up culminating of Velvet Revolver type alike must be pointed to this London – Ontario’s crew named Gord Prior using not only live musical instrument as average band did but also trumpet or brass sections but never do ska-thing and such; stuff like the commercialism died in a dying parts section of the hospital writing down their musical products and recording it inot one hell of a good rocking tunes compiled as you can hearing them through this (actually) one guy singing and performing some of the music as well with bunch of musicians too behind him. 

Letting known that the tracks from These Are Killers not as stupid as the front cover toy dinosaurs fighting but the effects might bursting the same in real events. Siegfried Meier engineered/produced and mixed while Gord Prior did the rest – giving the audience great rock tune music via Sycamore Tree, God In Your Head, Stay Awhile, Friends, Run Away or Never Get Enough and I’m Alive ! You won’t regret for having this album …

These Are Killers: