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Transmute (Zenon Records 2018)

Triforce would did nothing to compare as this project seems to be out of range to be described as non-hollow figure that zap in like hologram to you but the beats of explosive sounded very real as the four tracks releasing record from thus similarity background landscape and artwork figure showing us about Avatar alien-beings as Triforce pushing the limits of your hearing to accepts the consequence off Impulse traffic tempos in such standard but on the same time powerful to smack you like fly on the wall – once the volume been upgrades onto high frequencies via Stasis or Shapeshifter for the opening futuristic gate dimension tales. 

Thus spoken female form on words or short story and the hatching of a renew species dare to baffling gravity or being more comparably, adapting to the new harsh environment seems to be a dream of aged humans on restoring the genes – re-arranged them to fit the ageless and erasing trauma forever living as the brand new species on different worlds. 

PS. The hidden identities lies on the duo couple: Charlotte Lohmann the pianist/female vocalist and metallic guitarist Ryan Smith.