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Times Square Farewell (MCA Records 1987)


   Small extra-terrestrial intelligence family of living spaceships is a good scientific fictional characterizing the entire funny drama movie away from the amazing stories television series that makes Steven Spielberg giving Brad Bird the screenplay debut under the directing of Matthew Robbins as starring oldie couple living on manage their small diner place as Frank and Faye Riley living at their apartment of east village being threat by the property owner /manager Lacey sending the hoodlum Carlos and the gang to terrorizing all the tenants and bribe them to go off – out the building that soon going to be smashed down and rebuilds as giant modern malls. Destroying Mason Baylor’s artistic room, intimidating pregnant single woman Marisa, breaks the jar collections of ex-boxer Harry Noble and punches the walls and messing the café and assaulting them until the moved away for good.
As some already tied and took the bribes and gone but things didn’t go worsen as miraculously, the living spaceship mysteriously appears from nowhere inside the building parts where they’re also dwell and repairing many broken things inside the rooms, items that looks like cannot be fixed anymore and even the destroyed café place using their ability beams and befriending with Frank and Faye and the rest of the last tenants whose finding out that those creatures floating up and going back to their resting place on top of he apartment. 
   *Batteries Not Included may becoming one of your dream come true film that sending hope to those in needs and friendship learning themed as the story continues with the angry thugs and property owner seeing how the place returning back in good shapes by magic over a night – the original motion soundtrack also providing excitement over thus courageous and helping hands altogether in an opening Main Title, Night Visitors, Hamburger Rhumba, New Babies and Café Swing or Arson tells how Mason and Marisa getting closer, Mason painting works actually good and developing feelings between them grows as her baby would be 2 or 3 months older in labor as well as one of the female-spaceship from the Fix-Its giving birth to a little weak spacecraft as their youngest one out of three.
The sabotage buildings and burning by Carlos didn’t stop Harry and the rest to helping each other strong as Harry fixed the little craft to be together again flying with its family – while rescuing the tenants from explosive buildings and the burnt down apartment and even Carlos turning back good by saving Faye whose being trapped inside. 
   The smoldering wreckage of once a building next morning led all the construction crew for started their works but in the evening Harry being visited by the Fix-its family with their countless friends doing their ability to restore the brand new conditions for the apartment as the next morning everyone amazed that he place one again build like before ends the demolition plans, termination of Lacey and Kovacs; Mason and Marisa settle their relationship and the café is having huge trendy impacts for many customers and employments on that area.