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Three Stooges (Varese Sarabande 1986)

   One of the great moments for science fiction plus action and fun to watch would be the time when you had this story around NOVA laboratory of robotic experts development over the S.A.I.N.T (strategic Artificially Intelligent Nuclear Transport for the military during the cold war by Crosby and Jabituya doing the more peaceful way of the live demonstration applications the unit got struck by lightning, scrambled programs and it just escaping the facility to ends up in Astoria, Oregon; code name Number 5. 
   An animal care-giver girl found it but mistakenly thought about alien when Stephanie took the robot home and provides input for verbal stimuli or visual, helping Johnny Five continuously to learn more about the world surroundings. David Shire also did his well job for composing the soundtrack for Short Circuit movie with the Electronic plus Modern Classical score instrumental daily themes like The Quickening/Off The Bridge, Grasshopper/Joy(less) Ride, The Attack/Coming To, Road Block/Bathtub/Robot Battle onto Gataway/Hello Bozos and Night Scene/Joke Triumph perhaps, would letting the audience to follows the adventurous journey conducted through how NOVA orders Crosby and Ben to rediscovers it, disassembled and rebuild it back as tracker found it but Johnny 5 which smarter escaping within the truck with the girl even after NOVA caught the robot and shut it down; it can remarkably turning itself up again, removing tracking device and flees back to her. Sentient but clever as the artificial intelligent robot makes NOVA CEO Howard enraged but for Crosby believes that the recaptured of Johnny 5 won’t be necessary and easy but the sending security chief Capt. Skroeder and three robot prototypes doesn’t works well as it convincing Crosby about his sentience later. 
   US army troops also sending to capturing back the robot before Johnny 5 lure them into its trick that looks like it has been destroyed in a firefight. 

As Crosby resigned from NOVA and going with Stephanie surprising to found Johnny 5 hidden back there and moving out of reach from the outside world on a secluded ranch in Montana together.