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The Triple Man (Self-Released 2017)

After Midnight, Dead End Town, All The Same onto Nightmare, Anywhere But Here as well as Negative Space and Empty House seemed to sounding closed relates through your Halloween afternoon days before and maybe after session where parents going away to visiting their sick friends while your friends making scary tales inside the tree-house as the sun goes down into twilight zone as Hearts and Rockets music becoming the background for insecurity order dwells on your faithless feeling – scattered and tore for knowing about your old-folks divorce plan or cheating shouts includes within The Silence song within over thus Synth-Punk and Goth and Post-Punk rocking out of Melbourne, Australia area duet heads on Dead Beats by Kalindy Williams and Jurt Eckardt debuting like the other self-version from The Ting Tings being bitchy more and eerie to non-stopping party terrible anthems via too much pinkish love and heatwave brats in their mugger shots picturesque pose.

Dead Beats: