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The Ritual (Avantgarde Music/ Dullest 2017)

   All lyrics rely on thus anti-christianity themed by means necessary to ruling yourself over god in this wasteland life called society pressing you down since childbirth and controls us as the concept begins to an album that called The End as one can see the ruins of modern civilization crude parasites recorded by Manetheren project about potential paranormal geists, specters or wraiths. Classical Black Metal meets Electro-tinged rocking as these DBSM of American/Italo connection led by Gionata Potenti with Alex Poole releasing their latest recording number four within The End; crystallizing thus excessive extreme slower doomy and heavier tension in how you hating the world around you and cult-ideas of screaming vocals or deranged double pedals controlling the tempos as intense tales lyrics told the audiences that Darkness Enshrouds, When All is Still There is Nothing as well as And Then Came The Pestilence or The Sun That Bled reconnecting the issues about vanishing races, double sun evil twins or remains elusive – the returning of the creator gods to destroying their malfunctioned creations did well by the Manetheren crew.

The End: