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The Line Too Blue (Not On Label 2011)

   Zach Solem (vocals, programming, production), Ben Thomas (programming, production, synthesizer), Joe Price (guitars, backup vocals) and Richard Farmer (drums) independently doing something irresistible not to listening but a bit sounded like a fake Alternative Rock Grunge parts on additional more mucher programs uses there upon the group’s recording session – Taste beating towards catchy tunes and disco grooves may causing pop-culture phobia infecting the life of a Rockstar as SlowEarth pushing boundaries to their magic plush releasing on playing Disco-Rock tunes friendly for radio stations and charts but kept the rebel hearts in half baked twisting music and nudity continues following the glamorous themes and technical Electro-Rock phases via Girlz & Boyz, Tried & Ture (Pull Out Kings Remix), Everything, The Fix and What U Want or Rebirth – gives or take the visible rocking future days and added more claimable acclamation that letting public to listen over some Hair-Metal meets Brit-Pop madness made by this Atlanta, Georgia band.