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The Letter (Twentieth Century Fox 2018)

   Stop by at the edge of the outskirt of West Coast and go farther to the border between California and Nevada states for a thrilling Noir-Neo movie opens with a gunned down man in a hoel room after he hard working manage to pulls all the wooden floor and hid a dufflebag before killed by another person in the late ending of fifty nine as continued filming changed the scene towards the ten years at the end of the sixties era as we will meet these strange and suspicious characters coming almost in a same time to the unique hotel divided by the state-line in between as Bad Times At The El Royale must be a curious to watch and follow as supplier salesman Seymour Sullivan, Father Daniel Flynn to singer black girl Darlene and sexy hippy babe Emily arrived at this straddles place off California-Nevada border used to be a bustle infamous place where stars and famous characters kept their time visiting or gambling there before the permits lost as the only hotel employee Miles booking them for old rooms. An actual undercover FBI agent, Sullivan alias Dwight Broadcheck had a mission for cleaning up his room from all espionage devices that used to be there hidden behind many furnitures and corners and everywhere but later on found the passage to the hidden alley behind the two-way mirrors as he watching weird things and interesting activities of another visitors in different rooms as well as witnessing Emily dragging a girl from her car trunk inside her room and tied her up in a chair or father Flynn pulling floors out as well as singer Darlene lean her gorgeous voice outtake test making the story even more complex. 
   Reporting the job done as well as the kidnapping girl didn’t meet an agreement with his director in FBI causing Sullivan to interfere the situation himself as jeopardize Darlene saw him sabotaging the guests car-machines one by one under the rain. As the singer herself caught the kind old father Flynn whose trying to lure her for dinner actually, trying to drugged her drinks before she hits his head hard with a whiskey bottle but later proved that the old man lying about his true identity didn’t mean any harm to her but checking her room floors for something. 
The failure attempts rescuing hostage inside Emily room by Broadbeck ends with him being killed within a single gunshot as Darlene watching it before Flynn awaken and found her as truth tells immediately, about botched robbery ten years earlier resulting him imprisoned but freed on parole as Donald “Doc” O’Kelly also having his memory loss easily and lost his brother Felix too but promising a co-worked and half sharing to Darlene for helping him finding the money inside the room. Finding cash and trying to escaping the cold-blood killer hippie woman Emily whose shot Miles as well turns out to be a good girl trying to take back her little sister Rose whose being brainwashed by the false cult-gang family hippies led by Billy Lee whom loved to fucking girls, adding more disciples and letting them fighting over him for loyalty and heavily armed coming there to pick Rose up after her phone-calls screwing all situation again. Evil hippies arrived and taking the lobby making hostage Emily, Darlene, Flynn and Miles tied before one by one being shoot to kill by the sick game gambling played by Billy Lee. 
   Interrogating and terrorizing events before Emily get shot and died leaving the three hostages by the group found the money bag under sadistic roulette game but thanks to Darlene for encouraging Miles (a former sniper in Vietnam whose killing hundred people) take a rifle gun while Flynn fighting Billy Lee and burning the hotel lounge but Miles kills them all before Rose stabbing him hard. The dying man asking Flynn/O’Kelly to giving him the last rites as absolution The last survivors O’Kelly and Darlene burn the mysterious film role and ledger book page before feeling the place. 
Michael Giacchino serving some retro-collective compiling musical thru the original soundtrack as we’ll hearing Edwin Starr singing Twenty Five miles, The American Breed with Bend Me Shape Me, Four Tops onto The Crystals as Twelve Thirty (Young Girls are Coming to The Canyon) from The Mamas & The Papas gets your attentions within the strange circumstance ridden in this Various Artist recording album revealing thus old days story around the borderline between California and Nevada.