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The Idealist Fall (Reaper Entertainment 2018)

   Melodic Death Metal in greater symphonic sound chased goes viral if you dare to let them play for the stereo pulse bursting as the chosen in Parasite Inc. works which sharing the Aalen, Baden-Wurttemberg written internal struggles and society screaming angst lyrics or protests means you are on the right track for head-banging session inside the mosh-pit faster tempos as Dead And Alive leads this latest recording releases from these Germany’s extreme heavier metal fusion as like the ticking time bomb ready to explodes the new millennium by the driven Metal-Core tricks and screamo-vocals and performance of high techniques off Dominik Sorg (guitars), Stefan “Johnny” Kramer (bass), Kai Bigler (vocals, guitars) and Benjamin Stelzer (drums) cranking their track-listed over the English-written songs like Once and For All, This World, Headfuck Rollercoaster, Flesh Decadence, Sunset Overdrive, Cold Silent Hell to Empty Streets (Scanroid cover) getting ready to crush the overpopulated world to its oblivion as reported for you first to listen before the devastation erupts by growl, strong lead guitars and killer riffs/choruses.

Dead And Alive: