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The Hunt (Obscure Dungeon 2017)

   Evgeniy Kostritsa is the real name for the musical project of a one man simulation hailed from Russia territory as known as Zerganandaas he portraying the works of artistic Folkish-Pagan and Ancient beliefs movements experimenting the old ways of Nordic history and heritage over hundred branches reveals and spreading across European territory and race mixing before and after the great flood tales turning lies onto sacraments and trying to creates Christendom on it but until today fails to be succeeded. 

   The roaring vast icy cold ocean and sea conquering journey maybe the turning point for the braver men souls to sets them selves adventuring through Warsong recording as shouts and early traditional musical performance for NeoFolk and Rune Songs singing onto The Path to Valhalla, The Ritual, Battle Cry and The Sacrifice remarkably, seems to performs the predominant treasury digging for those whom craving more about Vikings, Celts and Pagans cultures on shaping the beyond future of the blue continent which rests the designs of amazing picture on front cover by Misha Knyazev into this digi-pack of golden egg sounds of the elders …