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The Hunger Friends (Holy Roar 2018)

   Austin, Texas’ crew of three malicious rockheads obviously, doing their brute raw Post-Hardcore sounds performance is these Blake Given, James Beveridge and Matt King grinding their ways through this being originated crusher music like seminal Death-Metal blender – ready to makes your body shreds into liquid under the name of Portrayal Of Guilt which mixing thus Punk/Black Metal/Heavy Metal and screamo-metallic releasing for Let Pain Be Your Guide (which sounding mysterious and apocalyptic on the same direction).

   Seems like there’s no hope left behind after the shining painting of a dead lady of the house shone the rest of the apocalyptic mess we dig for reasons but got the worst on results would non-gladly, making this Texas group sounded like more to Industrial Metal excessive force closer to the more Progressive version of Fear Factory versus At The Drive-In surprises through A Burden, Your War onto Death is Gentle, Until We’re Dust and Daymare … 

Scary facts to think about aftermath. 

Let Pain Be Your Guide: