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The Embalmer (Chaos Records 2018)

Resulting a deadly Old School organic Death Metal deranged bursts out of the creation from south Mexico area is the highly infectious influences coming at them thru Demigod, Amorphis and Dismember as inspiring lyrics taken from the cult horrors of the 50’s and 60’s perfectly crushing your ears as Summoning Death comprising on Ricardo Gil and Francisco Aguilar playing their Doom/Death Metal side projects and recording/producing and mixed this debut album about the living dead terrors onto The House That Screamed growling metallic head-banging and more tortures along the horrific tunes: The Screaming Skull, Carnival of Souls, Attack of The Giant Leeches, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Maniac – may much causing problems for the living family in loud volumes. 

The House That Screamed: