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The Disaster (War Office Propaganda/Fox Impera 2004)

   Robert Marciniak is the excellent traveler on his musical journey tumbles around somewhere outside of unimaginable watery-realm on deeper frontier as the Electronic Ambient and Industrial on martial dark and experimental making takes us on the real conquest with Rukkanor for Requiem for K 141 Kursk which farther commencing oceanic mysteries and issues due to the cold war era for the soviets and beyond as the audience preparing to go dive down deeper through the bluish or frozen or even clear and murky water surroundings with harsh environments that taking you as far as the uncharted maps remote point place as Antaeus The Giant, A Far From Home, Lost Signal as well as Waiting and The Ninth Compartment to The Last Voyage means terrifying and amazing things facing the journey as these instrumental tracks reveals miles for miles counts to thus Voices From The Depth that sounding scary to describes.