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The Claw (Walt Disney/Pixar 2010)

   The third installments for one of our favorite comedy 3-D animated as Lee Unkrich directing Toy Story 3 film telling a whole different plot where Andy is now growing bigger ready for college keeping his toys for years or sold them but some of his favorite of all time “friends” like Woody the cowboy, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the cowgirl, Rex, Slinky to Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head where Andy’s mom mistakenly throwing the wrong bag but the toys manage to climbing up the donation box bounded for Sunnyside Daycare with Woody knowing that Andy meant to keep them instead of donating. The group being welcomed by the kind funny furry purple bear Lotso with other friendly toys but sooner the evil intentions reveals as Lotso took over it after being dumped by his girl owner one night with Big Baby and Chuckles the clown but envy, hatred and vengeance captured him inside the revenge circle, enslaving other toys inside the daycare under his reign. Luckily, Woody founded by little girl Bonnie while escaping the prison daycare as Chuckles told him about the long history of Lots-O-Huggin’ Bear/Lotso aas being repaired by kind Bonnie. 
   All the toys horrified seeing horrible actions how toddlers playing roughly with them as Lotso transforming Buzz back to the original factory setting and make him evil too caging his friends who wants to moving to the older children’s room as Woody returns to Sunnyside learning from the chatter phone about the sneaking entrance as other manage to resetting back Buzz into Spanish language as funny moments romance with Jessie to his branding style in awkward Spanish conversations invites everyone to laugh for couple while. 
Still, interesting adventure tales we can easily watch as kids or teenagers too here over Toy Story 3 as well as good soundtrack portions composed and compiled by Randy Newman as also conducted by various artists from: Gipsy Kings/Nicolas Reyes and Tonino Baliardo singing the exclusive new version of You’ve Got a Friend in Me (para el Buzz Espanol), Garbage?, Woody Bails and Come to Papa by Randy Newman through many others there from the opening We Belong Together – From “Toy Story 3”/Soundtrack, To The Dump, So Long as well as Zu-Zu (Ken’s Theme) or You Got Lucky viewing the rest conclusion as the group of good toys battling Lotso and his bad companion gang; as deception of the evil bear finally sending him to the dumpster truck but he dragging Woody with him leave no choice for Buzz and the others to following them and almost friend to death if it’s not the help from the aliens using crane to saving them as Lotso abandoned them escape only to be found by a garbage trucker whose tied him to the radiator grille for good. 
   The rest of Toy Story crew going back to the Andy’s attic box and wait there for the final last goodbye before college supplies goes out with Andy but he decided to give his favorite toys to Bonnie as they’re playing for awhile before Andy really leaving away for good but the toys may living happily ever after with the little kindly girl while Sunnyside also having vast improvements better.