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Ten Great Hy (Touch Samadhi 2012)

   The fallen angels descent from high places above; landed on the planet earth as four hundred fifty-thousand years ago the race of Annunaki or they who came from heaven in Sumerian seeking for refugees genetically experimented towards engineered homo sapiens and biological machine as their grandsons creates the nephilim on genesis chapters – married the earth female or apes and the crossing breed of thus extra-terrestrial and humans s new gods as well pops the states of Trance cross-dancing through their secret facilities off Ashland, North Carolina’s high evolved music on Elelctronic/Goa Trance/Psy Trance/ Psychedelic and Neo Rave beater blasts made/written/arranged by Christopher “Kri” Johnson and Alexander “Fuzz” Marano releasing this ancient-based sounds technology of the future past onto Ninurta for Combustion Velocity, To Live As Gods, Alien in The Stargate and Temporal Outbounder dripping through the edgy Techno-Annunaki’s Technology’s Kingdom.