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Tell Me (Bandcamp 2015)

Stupendous melodically beautiful to listening around as Josh Bowman on lead vocals/guitars/keyboards, Chrystian Cano on bass/vocals, Steven Howard on drums/guitar/keyboards and John Gee (drums) from Anaheim, California is your foursome Indie Rock musician as unsuspecting suburbia rising to be claimed as favorites these days which put Wetwood Smokes via their mini album releasing in Organ Donor written tracks of three given you a glimpse looking about this band works and thus odd masked animal-man trio watching over an ex-hippie grandchild girl swirling dance in front as well as thus catchy tunes like Stark in three minutes and twenty-six seconds on Jon O’Brien’s producing/mixed may won’t fooled you twice on liking these group later on when the real full-length comes out hitting the market.

Simply irresistible !

Organ Donor ep: