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T.E.C.H Corp. V-Cult (Werkstatt Recordings 2018)

   Synth-beats in scientific misery thrilling thoughts that concerning to be made and written for the level minus one or KaMui and Kazuu includes the experimental noise making fuses that about to exploring mission which accomplished not yet to happen there as these Berliner musician crew or duet called Level – 1 had definitely mixes this Cyberpunk/Synth-wave to NRW/Electronic and Chiptune Industrial popular themes being had influences heavily from names like original Ministry, Skinny Puppy to Front Line Assembly – this retro sounds which perfectly, entertaining us via keyboards, drumming samples and electro-music reveals the adventurous virtual journey into your brain cells warning about things that can go very wrong blown if overloaded.

   Motherbrain gives us the overlooked future plans and events getting ready to happening or explodes as the machine taking over the planet as production went flooding and economy collapses; civil-wars to the chaos cities street-rioters versus police force and the arrival of higher intelligence invaders may seems to fitting how Start The Engine, The Wirehead, Activate – “Death Force”, Corrupted A.I (feat. Daria Danatelli), Cold Device and Datachip Factory to Dream Virtualizer seems to be the new modern break-beats soundtrack to the survivor’s nightmare days.