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Taurine Racist (Unknown Records 2014)

Punk-Hardcore independent unit hailing off Boston, Massachusetts of American spirits of freedom and democracy as Jimmy Flynn, Justin DeTore, Mike Hayhurst, Radek Wierzbowski pledging the defiance sounds over their non-neglected shouts and rage lyrics over the maintaining crusher mid-tempo musical delivering had the moment where one blindfolded and the cold gun’s touching your back of the neck as the counting down starts and all you need to do is telling about your friends and the pass-codes or Say Your Prayers quickly before … got yourself a bullet in your head !

Deeply, inhaling your smoke as Another Day In The Life, How We Roll, Etobicoke Sessions 08’ Another Another Day In The Life as other sessions in Etobicoke tells us around the segmented anti-commercial to legal fights to the imbalance of justice sending you to the death sentence but it’s up to your choices. 

Say Your Prayers: