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Tara Reid Between Lines (Independent 2015)

   Penetrating the excessive guitar riffs and melodic Hardcore emotions by the likes on Pop-Punk and Easycore sing-along popularity as these rockers whom liking Chunk No Captain Chunk, Vanna, Deaf Havana or Four Year Strong keeping wrote down their favorable themes and ideas from daily lives onto lyrics ovr video games, movies, booze, sammiches and even cookies while there thus screaming harmonic shouts from Hooligans even while not watching any ball games is comprising for harmonic punkish choir-core Christ White, Jason Martinez, Ben Nagy, Cameron Lopez, Kenny Wilson and Josh Barnes pouring their churn pump fisting riffs or incite riots or nothing more or less to entertaining you as villains gathering and crazily partying inside the celebration in Heroes Of Hifi as being recommended through Jim Carrey Me Home Tonight, Stop Feeling Aziz Ansari for Yourself, How The Adam West Was Won, Just Cut To The Chevy Chase and I Hope You Audrey Hepburn in Hell (featuring Daniel McMullin of In Search of Sight) onto Lucille Balls to The Wall or Tom Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’ archaic and anarchic to listen in louder volume as your moshing pit pool messed up really bad – your parents will grounded you for several months over the spilling piss and poop and sperm and pukes altogether in one disgusting result ! 

Heroes Of Hifi: