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Sweeter Cyanide (Bandcamp 2005)

   Decide the Motown-tinged powers and Emo-Rock troops of the young as the quartet hailed from New Haven, Connecticut named The Smyrk potentially, blasts your stereo system on campus over Monsters On Maple Street opening track off the same titled recording within the music progress works finishing by Chris Barone, N. Logan and Ari Sadowitz while the lyricist written by Doron Monk Flake as they’re produced by E. Rachel within thus good smudgy vocals and standard rocking sophomore sounds arrives by the heroic positive themes such as That Ain’t Lake Minntonka; Cope Aesthetic onto Shot and Buried: Sudan or even It’s Not Love trying to provides the alternative answers for plenty youngling busy following the modern society pressures, demands and dimmed lights faking in masked or costumes to hide the real truth which is him only can change through will and courage.

More alike Lucius Fox’s step-sons in their twilight zones vibrations !

Monsters On Maple Street: