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Swan Hop (Independent 2018)

True or false but some said that the specialized albums being released by Aja West as artists/manager since the starting of this hybrid on Jazz, Funk, Electronic and Soul powers steadily, received many good attentions from the audience and almost eighteen already been on this project releases stronger as generous The Mackrosoft took it deeper groovy and intelligent as accolades intentions and themed tracks going in provision modern within this Mackister Ludi: The Glass Weed Game that portraying many character figures of demons, angels, saints and aliens or humans play gambling together on that secret room as gods and sinners equally in balance of their position that being spawn by this Seattle, Washington nine song-listed literature observing our background life and liking musical program via improvised Jazz-Fusion to Hip-Hop and Rap/Funk dancing within the beats off Gerald Levert, Pen Joints, Buddha Seed, The Mind of Pharaoh Khan, Hide in The Bushes onto Listen While I Say Nothing; crafted arousing for cold weather and small drinks conversation can go turning into Let Hammer Dance and reminding us about the Old School Rap sounds alike !